Thursday, October 24, 2013

Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified Coffee (plus 50% off Keurig brewer offer)

I have to admit, though I'm not a coffee "snob," I do have preferences when it comes to coffees.  Especially when finding the right K-Cup for my Keurig brewer.  Some flavors are too weak.  Some too bitter.  Some too bold.  Fortunately, I can count on Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified K-Cups to consistently deliver a perfect flavor, with the right roast and boldness.

The "Fair Trade" part of the name ensures that the farmers get a fair price for their coffee beans.  That way, they can support their families and workers and live a better lifestyle.  OK, so it might cost a dollar more than other K-Cups, but the flavor is well worth it.  And doesn't everything seem better when you know you are helping others out?

Here is a printable coupon for Green Mountain K-Cups.  Why not save a buck?!

And for those of you who don't yet have a Keurig brewer (heck - for anyone who has one and wants another, or wants to give one as a gift!), I have coupon codes to use at for you to get 50% off most brewers and free shipping!  These expire on October 31, so send me a message if you want your own code!

BzzAgent sent me Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified K-Cups to try, along with the Keurig coupon codes and the link to the printable coupon.  The only stipulation?  That I share the good news - and my honest opinions - with my readers!  Thanks, BzzAgent!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maggi So Juicy Seasoning Makes Dinners Easy!

BzzAgent sent me some packets of Maggi So Juicy seasonings.  I have to admit, I was skeptical that a packet of mix, an oven bag, and some chicken breasts would make something worth bragging about.  But once the chicken started baking and my family smelled the aroma, it was all I could do to keep them out of the kitchen until dinnertime.

We tried the Mediterranean herb blend and it was divine.  The whole family gave it rave reviews.  I felt good serving them all something that was good for them, and something "homemade."

Although the bake time seemed long (approximately 45  minutes), I didn't have to "babysit" the meal while it baked, so I could devote my time to doing other things to prepare for the evening.
We paired the tasty chicken with a salad and some herbed potatoes.  Home run!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Honestly - Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Entrees are The Stuff!

I just tried the Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Lemongrass Salmon entree (compliments of BzzAgent).  Holy Wowza!  It was so, so flavorful and fresh and colorful.  Who knew that eating what I deem restaurant-quality food could be so good for you!  And for an entree that fantastic, you can't beat the price.

Unless you have coupons, that is!  And, naturally, I do!  Want one?

BzzAgent sent me a coupon to buy my very own Lean Cuisine Honestly Good entree, so I could let others know my true thoughts on it.  No strings attached!  Luckily, I liked loved it enough to be able to brag honestly.  They also sent me some "dollars off" coupons to share.