Friday, July 13, 2012

Coupon Giveaways

I have been receiving all sorts of products to sample and spread the word about.  Along with those products, I receive coupons to share with YOU!  I'd love to mail you coupons; just fill out the form below to request yours (quantities limited).

I have been trying out Brew Over Ice K-Cups (I'm loving the sweet tea ones.  A packet of splenda, a cup of ice, and one of the Brew Over Ice K-Cups and I'm set!  It brews a big, cool cup of iced tea perfectly!  I also love the half lemonade/half sweet tea, iced hazelnut coffee, and iced coffee blends.)

I tried the Kroger frozen pizza, tortilla cupz, vitamin water & frozen fruit bars (lemonade fruit bars are to die for!) with the family on a family movie night, and they were ALL a hit.  An entire meal that EVERYONE loves, on a tight budget?  That's for me!

I've already posted about Lawry's. It's a new staple in my house.  AND I've used the Seasoned Salt for scrambled eggs, on pasta, and while grilling chicken thighs.  You can't go wrong!

My kids devoured the Motts fruit snacks I got to try out.  We went on vacation, and the fruit snacks were gone long before they even tapped into the cookies.  Another winner.

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